The Workshop



To transform managers into leaders in a non-leadership world.

Value Proposition


…Find renewed purpose and enjoyment in their leadership roles

…Become leaders that people want to follow

…Build engagement and accountability in others

…Practice leadership that translates positively and powerfully to the bottom line

Content Modules

Leaders Take Action

1.     They hire and retain great people by choosing and thoroughly on-boarding the best and brightest

2.     They provide direction and purpose by pointing everyone toward the same exciting North Star

3.     They communicate powerfully and precisely so as to equip people with clear and empowering information

4.     They strengthen their emotional competence so as to magnify the positive impact of their leadership

5.     They ask questions and they listen so as to profit from their ears rather than lose with their mouths

6.     They practice servant leadership so as to win respect, dedication, commitment, and loyalty

7.     They make their expectations known so as to create unmistakable and productive performance contracts

8.     They deliver feedback that improves performance by tapping into the power of both praise and leveraging constructive criticism

9.     They inject embraceable and successful change so as to leverage new opportunities with and through others

10.  They create a culture of collaboration so as to build a team in the truest sense of the word

Your Choices

We adapt content and delivery to the level and responsibilities of the class that you form, which can range from emerging leaders to C-suite executives. You select the topics. Modules 1-9 are two-hour programs. Module 10 ranges from two to six hours depending on your team-building goals. The full workshop is two-and-a-half to three days. Motivational presentations of 45-60 minutes are delivered in response to special request on select topics.

Our Methods

Sessions are highly interactive. Students receive a customized workbook. Sam's book Smart Moves to Awaken the Leader in You is included with the full workshop. All sessions close with a documented commitment by participants to productive change. Optional post-workshop coaching intensifies workplace impact. Managers participating in the full workshop receive a targeted six-month subscription to the Leaders Take Action Current Action Inventory for reinforcement. Webinar delivery is applied where class participants are geographically dispersed.

Your Investment

Your organization's contribution to a Leaders Take Action event can be as little as $2000. Supplemental investments support multiple modules, customized content, travel, large class sizes, and post-workshop coaching.