These 20-minute Webinars prescribe the leadership actions that breed organizational success. Taught live by Sam Deep, their frequency, scheduling, and content can be tailored both to your company and to the management level you intend to serve.

Over one hundred topics allow you to establish an affordable organizational development targeted to the needs of your management team—whether executives, middle managers, or first-line supervisors. Many of the Webinars are also relevant for administrative personnel.


  • The content is rooted in Performance Management, Leadership, Leadership Development, Communication, Team Building, Organizational Development, and Personal Growth

  • One hundred distinct Webinars equip managers to achieve better results in hiring, employee engagement, accountability, communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, process improvement, strategy, and more

  • See “Business Breakthrough Inventory” at the top of this page.


  • Based on the teaching career of Sam Deep at the Universities of Rochester, Pittsburgh, and Carnegie-Mellon (MBA Program)

  • Supported by 19 internationally published books in leadership, motivation, communication, organizational development, business, and sales

  • Schooled by experience with over 500 clients in business, community, the arts, education, health care, and government


  • It's your choice to have Webinars taught at a frequency that suites your managers

  • We can package clusters that meet the special needs of executives, managers, supervisors, salespeople, administrative assistants, and other audiences you identify

  • We can customize individual plans for managers who need to grow quickly in specific leadership competencies

Return on Investment

  • Practical, hard hitting, and designed for lasting impact

  • Unlike free Internet material out there, Q&A opportunities in each live Webinar provide direct access to the author for coaching

  • All webinars are recorded and available for later access

  • Call Sam Deep at (412) 487-2379 to learn how you can achieve the highest possible impact at the lowest possible cost.