Experience shows that many managers get too little out of the excellent training they receive and the insightful books and blogs they consume.

They do learn from the training, exclaiming their agreement with it. They devour the readings, and even recommend them to others. But once back on the job they continue in their old ways. They fail to look in the mirror and declare, “This is something that I vow to improve in my leadership.”

A solution to this natural human tendency toward inaction is found in Leaders Take Action! Robust leadership mandates are sent to you and your managers in an engaging and compact e-newsletter format. Each is a 5-10 minute read, ending in a plan of attack that yields weeks, months, and years of results. (Check out the Action featured this month on the home page.)

These four qualities form the promise of this timely leadership development tool.


  • Actions are rooted in Performance Management, Leadership, Leadership Development, Communication, Team Building, Organizational Development, and Personal Growth

  • Ninety-five distinct Actions equip managers to achieve better results in hiring, employee engagement, accountability, communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, process improvement, strategy, and more


  • Based on the teaching career of Sam Deep at the Universities of Rochester, Pittsburgh, and Carnegie-Mellon (MBA Program)

  • Inspired by 18 internationally published books in leadership, motivation, communication, organizational development, business, and sales

  • Schooled by experience with over 500 clients in business, community, the arts, education, health care, and government


  • It's your choice to have Actions issued either weekly or every other week

  • We package clusters of Actions that meet the special needs of executives, managers, supervisors, salespeople, administrative assistants, and other audiences you identify

  • We customize individual plans for managers who need to grow quickly in specific leadership competencies

Return on Investment

  • Practical, hard hitting, and designed for lasting impact

  • Open and click-through rates are double to quadruple industry standards; we show you how to live at the high end

  • Unlike free blogs out there, LTA includes instant access to the author for coaching on the application of what is read

  • Subscriptions start at $5 per manager per year; call Sam at (412) 487-2379 for your quote