Current Action Inventory


I. Performance Management

  1. Hire People Who Will Perform
  2. Ask Shrewd Selection Interview Questions
  3. Use In-Basket Assessments for Manager Candidates
  4. Make Informed Hiring Decisions
  5. Onboard New Hires for Success
  6. State Clear Performance Expectations
  7. Give Impacting Performance Feedback
  8. Tap into the Power of Praise
  9. Give Constructive and Powerful Critiques 
  10. (Try to) Leverage Money as a Motivator
  11. Strengthen Your Performance Appraisals
  12. Go On a Staff Treasure Hunt
  13. Ask Good Questions About Poor Performers
  14. Use Performance Improvement Plans

II. Leadership

  1. Emulate Great Leaders
  2. Overcome New Supervisory Challenges 
  3. Start Smartly in a New Leadership Role
  4. Set the Best Leadership Ratios
  5. Delegate!
  6. Prevent Failure Less, Insure Success More
  7. Give and Get Clear Decision Making Discretion
  8. Behave as a Servant Leader
  9. Champion Your People
  10. Mentor Next Generation Managers
  11. Provide Purpose
  12. Ask Questions Worth Answering
  13. Make Wise Decisions
  14. Embrace Change
  15. Effect Embraceable Change
  16. Conduct Great Gripe Sessions
  17. Ensure Continuous Improvement
  18. Manage by Wandering Around (MBWA)
  19. Avoid These Five Leadership Mistakes
  20. Avoid These Six Leadership Mistakes
  21. Avoid These Seven Leadership Mistakes
  22. Fashion Decisive Strategic Plans
  23. Delight Your Customers
  24. Satisfy Disgruntled Customers
  25. Inspire Ethical Conduct

III. Leadership Development

  1. Reduce Your Stress 
  2. Reduce Your Load
  3. Increase Your Power
  4. Profit from a Contribution Template
  5. Get Feedback from Direct Reports
  6. Leverage Training to the Fullest
  7. Stay on the Road to Leadership Improvement

IV. Communication

  1. Deliver Compelling Presentations
  2. Deliver Amazing Off-the-Cuff Speeches
  3. Listen Better
  4. Get People to Listen to You
  5. Speak Like Winners
  6. Keep People Informed
  7. Get Employees to Keep You Informed
  8. Write Right
  9. Avoid These Grammatical Gaffs
  10. Avoid These Word Weaknesses
  11. Say More Without Saying a Thing
  12. Use Voice for Effect
  13. Handle Media Interviews with Aplomb

V. Team Building

  1. Diagnose Team Health
  2. Create a Team Charter
  3. Strengthen Your Team with “Thrice Around”
  4. Get Teams to Cooperate with Each Other
  5. Run Meetings Where Things Get Done
  6. Set Ground Rules for Constructive Meetings
  7. Kill the Roots of Interpersonal Conflict 
  8. Resolve Conflict with Others
  9. Resolve Conflict Between Others

VI. Organizational Development

  1. Bring Core Values to Life
  2. Create a Paradigm Shift, When Needed
  3. Eliminate Waste
  4. Lead Through Strategic Priorities
  5. Fashion Decisive Strategic Plans
  6. Apply Retrospective Thinking
  7. Measure and Improve Organizational Culture

VII. Personal Growth

  1. Become More Emotionally Intelligent
  2. Overcome Adversity
  3. Reduce Your Worry
  4. Make a Great First Impression 
  5. Become More Promotable 
  6. Keep Your Ego in Check
  7. Network Smartly
  8. Use a Mentor Wisely
  9. Minimize Time Spent in Routine
  10. Minimize Wasted Time
  11. Minimize Misguided Time
  12. Minimize Time Spent in Crisis
  13. Stop Procrastinating
  14. Remember Names of People You Meet
  15. Discover Your Purpose
  16. Sell Your Ideas
  17. Interview Well
  18. Find Out How Well You're Doing
  19. Please Bosses
  20. Listen to the Good Voice